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Real estate


My Services

Register your Tenancy Contract

Renew Lease contract

Modify Lease contract

Cancel Lease contract

Premium Tenancy Contract for Registered Lessors

Renew Premium Lease contract

Modify Premium Lease contract

Cancel Premium Lease contract

Request a grant

Opens an office in the land register

Issue Titile Deed For Frist Time

Comprehensive investigation

Approve, modify & release the mortgage contract

Replacement mortgage document for real estate office

Renewal registration of real estate offices in the land register

Title deed investigation statement

Real Estate Regulatory online Services

Ownership based on inhertance

Waiver registration

Register sales contract

Transfer of Ownership registration Sheik

Title deed renewal

Dividing the land area

Merge Properties

Cancelation of the issuance of mortgage contracts for real estate office

Ownership under the compensation

Inheritance waive- Legacy

Initial approval for real estate office

Approval of the issuance of mortgage contracts for real estate office

Tafweet Create property title deed

RERA Partner Registration

RERA Partner Renewal


My RERA Certificates

Usufruct right contract

Replacement to loss Proving Ownership

To whom it may concern (Real Estate Valuation Certificate)

To whom it may concern (Real Estate Appraisal Certificate)

Off Plan Sale Registration Service

My RERA Notifications

Off Plan Sale Transfer Service

Off Plan Sale Cancellation Service

Off Plan Sale Modification Service

Request for Real Estate Advertisement Permit

Request New Lease / Renew Lease / Terminate Lease


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Urban Planning & Development


My Cases


Town Planning

Plot Merge Request Grant

New Plot Request

Allotted Plot Renewal

Change Land Use/Building Regulations for Grant Plot

Issue Site Plan Request

Assign\Re-Assign\Renew Plot for Public Buildings

Survey Reports Request

Plot Permanent Occupation Request

Plot Temporary Occupation Request

Re-Planning Request (Allotted)

Re-Planning Request for Grant

Update and Renew Site Plan Request (Fast Track)

Parcel Additional Area Request (Allotted – Grant)

Hydrology Studies

New Plan Request /Roads

Transportation Impact Study Request

Issuing No Objection certificate (NOC) for infrastructure works

Sketch Renewal

Sketch Issuance

New Building Permit

Completion Certificate

Building Permit (Modification Addendum)

Building Permits

Consultants & Contractors Qualification

Engineering Supervision




Outdoor Area Occupancy For Roads & Public Area

Inspection as per External Party Request

Other Inspection Services


Supervision Public Services


Permits Public Services


Qualifications Public Services


Inspection Public Services


General Services

Building Status Report

Inspection for Academic Building

Labour Housing Inspection

Request New Lease / Renew Lease / Terminate Lease


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