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Service Enquiry

Re-Planning Request (Allotted)

This service is used to Re-planning plot have an issue to build on it.

Step 1

Sign Up using E-Service Portal Account

Step 2

Submit request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents.

Step 3

Pay request fees

Step 4

Coordinator will review and validate the entered Data and attached Documents

Step 5

Upon Final Approval, requested Document will be generated and sent to customer email, where he/she can download the electronic copy, if it rejected will sent an SMS or Email to Customer.

Service Fees

- Request Initial Fees is 300 AED for all land use except Agricultural uses, as Agricultural Fees are dynamic and calculated based on the Parcel total Area.
- Request Final Fees to receive the affection plan is 50 AED.

Service Conditions

1. Registration
Individuals Registration is as the following:   
- Create Account on E-Service Portal using Smart Pass/UAE Pass. 
- Scan your EID and your fingerprint in MBME machine (Must have a valid EID during registration).  
Company Registration is as the following:   
- Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service. 
- Attach Trade License Copy, Title Deed and Company Information Form.  
Representative Registration on behalf of Individual/Company is as the following: 
- Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service. 
- Attach ID, Representative Card and Authorization Letter. 
2. Submit the required documents to start the service 
3. Pay the request fees in order to proceed with the request

Processing Time

1 - 10 working days

Required Documents

1. Owner ID
2. Affection Plan
3. Applicant Letter

In case of Applicant Type is Representative, Additional Documents are required as below:

  • ID
  • Representative Card
  • Authorization Letter