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Service Enquiry

Comprehensive investigation

This service allows customers to issue a statement certificate of all the owner's properties, grants or public housing. With the determination of the entity to which the certificate will be presented.

Step 1

Sign up using UAE Pass

Step 2

Submit Comprehensive investigation request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

Pay requested fees

Step 4

The concerned department will review the request and take a decision.

Step 5

Upon approval, approved certification will be issued and sent to customer via email.

Service Fees

200 AED

Service Conditions

Submission by owner or who carry power of attorney ( individuals)

A comprehensive investigation is not required for the purposes of grant office cases (new grants or renewals…) and is done directly through the same case.

Processing Time

1-2 working days

Required Documents


  1. Copy of ID
  2. Copy of passport 
  3. Copy of death certificate and inheritance letter (in case of owner death)