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Service Enquiry

Convert Normal Grant to Program Grant

The request provides the possibility to issue a new document for the Zayed Housing Program

Step 1

Sign in using UAE Pass

Step 2

Submit the request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

The Applicant will pay the initial request fees

Step 4

The concerned department will Review the request and take a decision

Step 5

Upon approval, the final fees are paid and receipt of the Krokey

Service Fees

** Initial Full Fees

AED 200.  

** Issuance of the grant korky

50 AED

**Leveling Fees

 Leveling fees determined by the administration (if any) and depending on the parcel location.

Service Conditions

The service is available only for:

Owner (the representative is not available to use this service at all)

Required Documents

  • Owner ID
  • Site Plan for parcel
  • A valid letter from the Zayed Housing Program