Services Guide Government RAK Municipality Food/ Consumer/ Veterinary Product Modification

Service Enquiry

Product \ Packaging Material Modification

This service is used to Modify existing  Food/ Consumer/ Veterinary product for manufacturers, packers and traders

Step 1

Sign Up using smart pass

Step 2

Submit Product modification request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

The concerned section / department will Review the request and take a decision

Step 4

Upon approval, Product Certificate will be generated, sent to customer email where he can download the product certificate electronic copy

Service Fees

** Product modification and issue Product Certificate

Free of charge

Service Conditions

Service Prerequisites

  1. Establishment Registration / Update Information

To use PHD automated services, customer must head to PHD Customer Happiness Center to register his Establishment and update his information for the 1st time, and provide the below documents:

  1. License copy
  2. Lease Contract / Title Deed

Download and fill the  Establishment update information form & provide to Customer Happiness team in PHD (Owner / manager /

  1. Representative contacts, EID number)
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID and contact information

N.B. In case Manager / owner is not mentioned in license


  1. Individual Registration

Become a representative on behalf of your establishment by:

  1. Smart Pass Registration
    • Register Smart Pass by entering EID and scanning your fingerprint in MBME machine
    • Must have a valid EID
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID/ Passport Number and contact information
  3. Present EID / Passport Copy

Processing Time

1  working days from the date of request / application submission

Required Documents

** Product Modification and issue product certificate

In case of modification, any of the following only, the document for each type is attached:

  1. Health and nutritional Claims certificates
  2. Halal Certificate
  3. New Label Picture
  4. Product Image
  5. Other documents based on different product type


To have an existing products already registered under the establishment