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Introduction about mRAK

The Electronic Government Authority keens to provide modern services and upgrade the level of customer happiness by developing the new mRAK application through which the applicant can easily access the service, and it enables the applicant to insert the most used services in one page called “Favorites”. Also, two new pages have been added; the first is “The Record” which contains all the transactions that were previously completed, and the second is “My Transactions” which contains the ongoing transactions.

mRAK is the emirate's comprehensive smart application for government services, which aims to quickly complete government transactions via a unified smart portal.

The application provides several services for all categories of customers, partners and society at the level of Ras Al Khaimah Emirate. The application also includes information for the visitors, job seekers and business owners who wish to invest in the emirate. The application is implemented to fulfill one goal of the government’s digital transformation program and the authority’s vision.

The mRAK application offers 88 smart services for; The Public Prosecution Department, the Courts Department, the Municipal Department, the General Services Department, the Economic Development Department, the Environmental Protection and Development Authority and the Customs Department. The application also includes a quick payment service for all payments due in one transaction for more than 450 government services to various departments in the emirate. The application is an important step in the Authority’s digital transformation process to support the vision of Ras Al Khaimah in line with its 2030 strategy.

The application also contains a business and employment page for those who wish to work in the emirate and for businessmen who wish to invest in the emirate, in cooperation with Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zones Authority (RAKZ). Also, through the Cooperation with the Human Resources department in the emirate, job seekers can view and apply to the jobs that are available in government entities through the application. As well as, in cooperation with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, information on visas and official documents in the country has been included in the application.

The application includes the most important information about health centers in the emirate and it includes lists of government and private schools, accredited institutes, universities and Qur'an dedication centers, and the best tourist destinations in the emirate in cooperation with the Tourism Authority.

To support the customer service, a feature (talk to us) is added, which is the instant chat, through which you can inquire about the services available in the smart application, and you can also report any problem that you may encounter as a browser.