Services Guide Government Public Prosecution Department


Send Passport for Renewal

Passport Replacement in a Case

Receipt of Passport

Photocopy of Documents

Prisoner Visit Request

To Whom it May Concern Certificate

Original Copy From To Whom it May Concern Certificate

A Copy of the Judgement

Original Copy From Judgement

Release Impounded Car

Accused Stop Search

Stop Search Cancellation

Attach Waiver in the Case

Vehicle Repair Permission

Travel Ban Cancellation

Victim Appeal Request

Case Transfer from Police to Prosecution

Join Prisoning Period From Other Cases

Create Government Petition Service

Create E-Petition Request

Postponement of criminal Judgement execution

Add accused in the travel ban list

Renewal of visa through PRO

Receiving the original documents

Bringing of prisoner to make power of attorney

Photocopying of File

Release due to health issues

Receiving of a financial amount in a lawsuit

Paying of fine by installment in Penal lawsuit

Calculation of detention period

postponed installment in case

Receive an identity card

Sending of ID for the renewal

Receive a driving license

Receiving of vehicle license

Passport involvement in several cases

Financial bail or presence guarantee

Receiving of safe deposits in a lawsuit

Appeal by the accused to supreme Prosecution

Registration of Penal Cassation Appeal

E-Objection Registration

E-Appeal Registration

Request for mercy

Request opposition to execution

Request to stop execution of the penalty

Amnesty request from the fine

Amnesty request from deportation

Request amnesty from the fine and execute the deportation

Amnesty request from the fine and penalty of freedom restriction

Grievance request in the criminal cases

Grievance request in dismissal orders

Re-Request Prosecutor or litigate him

Challenge request against expert

Request to deposit a sum of money in the lawsuit

Request to attend the lawyer of the investigation sessions in front of the prosecutor

Request to open the shop has already been closed

Request to be informed of cases before the Public Prosecution

Request to bring witnesses in the criminal case

Send accused to drug addiction T-C

Getting criminal case summary

Request from non-parties official copy of the Judgment after the permission of Attorney General or his attorney for the legal interest

Request an amnesty from a restrictive penalty of liberty