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Create E-Petition Request

E - tool allows customers to provide their complaints and their needs , and all actions that they want to accomplish from the Department of Public Prosecutions easily and conveniently. Service depends on implementation on a range of electronic transactions carried out via the e - system of the Department of Public Prosecution, according to accurate system to ensure the provision of electronic services in an easy and simple for all customers through the Web site of the Department of Public Prosecutions And electronic government portal in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Step 1

Log in as a registered user in UAE PASS (Mandatory)

Step 2

Enter details in all the required fields with attachment of all required identity documents that support your application by uploading them, for example Emirates ID of the person and the required documents.

Step 3

Payment of the selected service through the website.

Step 4

Receive the required service electronically through the registered E-Mail in the system

Required Documents

  • Copy of the applicant Emirates ID Or
  • Copy of the applicant passport.