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Objection on Penal Order By Accused

Service that enables the accused who is present at the time of Penal Order to appeal against the Penal Order issued by the Judge within seven days from the issuance date of the Penal Order, whereas in case the Penal Order is issued in absence of accused the appeal time period starts from the date of Notice.

Step 1

Login as a registered user on, or use the service directly as unregistered user by clicking on "Start Service"..

Step 2

Enter all the required fields and attach all the required documents that could support your application, such as the Emirates ID and other required documents

Step 3

Pay the required fees online

Step 4

Collect the requested documents electronically or by coming to the department in some cases

Required Documents

  1. File of Objection Reasons if available
  2. In case of attorney: Power of Attorney + Copy of ID