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E-Objection Registration

An electronic service that enables the sentenced person to appeal by way of opposition in absentia Judgments issued in misdemeanors and contravention cases within seven days from the date of notice   of the Judgment.

Step 1

Log in as a registered user in UAE PASS (Mandatory)

Step 2

Enter details in all the required fields with attachment of all required identity documents that support your application by uploading them, for example Emirates ID of the person and the required documents.

Step 3

Payment of the selected service through the website.

Step 4

Receive the required service electronically through the registered E-Mail in the system

Service Fees

1. The case fee 200 dirhams
2. The application fee AED 20

Service Conditions

 The issued Judgment shall be in absentia Incase the sentenced is released on bail he shall follow up with Public Prosecution Department and bring the Passport

Required Documents

A. Copy of the notice received for the absentia Judgment.
B. Copy of the Judgment.
C. Copy of the power of attorney for lawyers.
D. Copy of Emirates ID.
E. Appeal file if found.
F. Incase sentenced is imprisoned certificate of it shall be attached so he can be called from the prison