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Remote Deposits

The aim of this E-Service is to facilitate the procedures of RAK courts clients & reduce the time and the efforts through safe and consistent E-Services which are available on the website of Ras Al Khaimah Courts and Ras Al Khaimah portal. Clients now can pay in Court Deposits, Expert Deposits, Execution Deposits & Auction Deposits in courts' cases, & Inheritance Deposits in Inheritance files, where the client can choose the amount he is willing-to-pay* then submit the payment through the e-service.
Note: the choose amount feature is not be available in all deposits, and if so it will be available under certain conditions determined by the Court



General Conditions

The user shall be registered and authenticated by RAK government Portal
All fields with labeled with asterisk * is mandatory
Payments that is not paid directly will be cancelled automatically (for amount-choosing feature)