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Service Enquiry

Tafweet - Open file to install old property.

This service allows customers to investigate about undocumented old properties and start to issue title deed if its approved.

Step 1

Sign up using portal account

Step 2

Submit investigation request -statement- request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

Pay requested fee.

Step 4

The concerned department will review the request and set an appointment with the survey for site inspection .

Step 5

Upon approval, the owner will be notified with the approve of his request to complete the procedure of issuing a new site plan

Service Fees

350 AED

Service Conditions

In case of owner death : its required  to submit legacy document \ power of attorney – if available \ personal documents ( ID’s) for all  inheritors 

Processing Time

1-7 days.

Required Documents

Copy of emirates ID.

Copy of passport.

Copy of request letter - Tafweet

Copy of investigation certificate

Copy of inheritance certification

Copy of power attorney for inheritance