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Customs Exemptions Service

This service allows companies and other entities to submit (industrial, diplomatic and military) exemption applications, so that industrial facilities, foreign missions, and internal security forces, etc, can be granted exemption from payment of customs duties applicable to their imports of machinery, equipment, means of transportation, etc.

Following the approval of the manager of Customs Affairs Department, the user can print the approved exemption and present it to service centres at customs posts of RAK Customs Department to clear the shipment. 

Step 1

Log on and click the service link from the home page.

Step 2

Enter the shipment details.

Step 3

Enter the exemption details, upload required documents and then submit your application.

Step 4

After the exemption application is approved, it will be directly sent to the email address of the company or entity concerned.

Step 5

Print the exemption and complete other procedures relating to the shipment at the relevant customs centre.