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It is a notice served by the Notifying Party to the Notified Party signifying performing or refraining tom perform an action, delivering something or refraining to use a Power of Attorney and the other party is served a notice by the process serving officers through guidance or communication.


(1)- Submitting the application electronically or by typing centers.


(2)- Following up the application whereas the same shall be preliminary approved by Head of First Instance Court and the same shall be referred to Notary Public.


(3)- Appearance in-person before Notary Public having original ID.


(4)- Following up the status of the application whereas the same shall be sent to Process Service Section to take necessary actions and investigate with relevant authorities.


(5)- Notarial Notice.

Service terms

1. Appearance of any of document parties or legal representatives thereof under a certified Power of Attorney or any certified legal document before the Notary Public, and the power of attorney must include a clear phrase saying, "has/have the right to cancel the power of attorney granted thereto by me), and3. Documents to be certified must be official and those issued from outside the UAE must be certified by the following: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country, Embassy of the UAE in the concerned country and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and translated legally to Arabic and certified by Ministry of Justice or Notary Public.


Appearance of the Notifying Party or legal representative thereof and proving capacity of the same. - Original application and the copy thereof must be free of any blanks, jamming or deletion.- Content of the notice must be within the regulations and laws.- Address of the Notified Party must be determined accurately and imprinted by phrase "By guidance" if the Notifying Party personally accompanies the process server.- If the power of attorney contains a clause requires the appearance of both parties in case of cancellation, then both parties or their legal representatives shall appear whenever resigned or abandoned.- Approval of Head of First Instance Court on publication if notification of the Notified party failed.

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID : 


Service time



If Settlement Agreement is not limited with an amount, signature costs AED 75/-. If limited: (1) from AED 1/- to AED 10,000/-, signature costs AED 50/-, (2) from AED 10,001/- to AED 50,000/-, signature costs AED 100/- , and(3) from AED 50,001/- and above, signature costs AED 150/-


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