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This service allows obtaining the services of cutting , trming and moving trees that pose a threat to individuals and institutions outside housing and buildings, and removing harmful trees.



Submit cut tree - out of croky service


Receive SMS from the Public Service Department with the transaction request number


Transfer the transaction to the concerned department and follow-up the work process, Where the customer can inquire about the status of the request through call center and electronic channels.


Implementation of the service from the concerned department and completed the request


Receive SMS from the Public Service Department that the transaction has been completed

Service terms

  1. The logging service is limited to:
  • Trim trees 
  • Removing some of the parts that pose a threat to citizens and property
  • Removal of harmful trees and weeds

The process of cutting the trees does not include the following cases, but the transfer only (male and not limited):  Cut the trees of Ghaf and trees of Samar

2. Applications are not accepted without all the documents required to provide the service within the lands and properties including:

  • UAE identity and proof of ownership of individuals

Official letter and proof of ownership to government and private entities



The cost is valid for one month from its date, and in the event that the period is exceeded, the service will be closed.

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Identification of the individual and providing of personal information to get government service.
  • Official Letter :  Official letter from government and private sectors to access the government services
Service time

Within 14 days of request


The service is provided free of charge without fees and charges if the trees are desert, but in the case of decorative trees a fee of 50 dirhams and a cost is calculated according to the agency's report.


قص الأشجار
Land Scape Agency Services
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