ServiceCard Portlet

Stamp on the completion certificate form issued by the municipality dept. to complete the construction after verifying that the construction works were completed and carried out according to approved documents and plans



Getting the service by stamping on the NOC Completion Certificate form.

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Identification of the individual and providing of personal information to get government service
  • Completion Certificate :  A form issued by the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.
  • Building permit :  A document issued by the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah indicating the type and contents of the building
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Ownership document of the land or property subject to the availability of 9-digit number for the plot
  • Other Documents :  Attach a document with the date of the application's case ID, from the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality
  • Official Letter :  Official letter from government and private sectors to access the government services
  • Polt of land :  A detailed plan which approved by the Waste Water Agency for the project before construction

ِ Completion certificate form from the municipality department of Ras Al khaimah


50 dirhams for individuals and private and companies


Waste Water Agency Services
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