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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ras Al Khaimah maintains the data related to the members, including the signature forms of the authorized signatories. The Certificate of Origin and Authentication Department certifies the signatures and seals in the various documents, official papers and commercial transactions related to government bodies or for the purposes of commercial transactions inside and outside the UAE. This require presenting such documents to the Department employees to ensure that the said documents comply with the general laws, regulations and trade practices in force in the UAE.


Login to the online system via the user name and password details.


Selecting service type: attestation of membership and authenticity of signature


filling the required fields


Uploading the attachments


Online payment of due fees


Printing electronically attested documents

Service terms

  • The document submitted for Ratification must be dated.
  • The company must be affiliated with membership noting that there is a renewal period for membership for a month in which transactions are completed until renewal and prefer to present the membership number of the enterprise or provide a copy of the commercial license to facilitate the procedure. (documents issued by government agencies shall be excluded from this requirement) ·
  • The document submitted for Ratification must be printed on the enterprise letterhead, stamped and signed by the signatory person.
  • Verification of the language of the transaction, as ratification is done on transactions written in Arabic, English or in both languages. If the transaction is written in two foreign languages, the content of the transaction shall be translated into Arabic without requiring legal translation from the UAE official authorities.
  • Ensure that the performer of the transaction is relevant to the license, and the delegate must present the business card of the company and identity if he is a representative of the company
  • Ensure that the license holder is present in the Chamber in the event of Ratification of individual license documents
  • The presence of company owners or their representatives on an official basis when ratifying corporate letters
  • No document containing any empty or unclear fields submitted for Ratification shall be accepted

Required Documents
  • Membership certificate :  Membership certificate Chamber
  • Other Documents :  The document to be authenticated
  • Passport Copy :  A copy of the passport and ID

Application for electronic registration

Undertaking form

Service time

7 دقائق


AED 50 per document


Ratification services
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