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Issuing an environmental permit for industrial establishments to verify that these establishments maintain the permissible limits for air quality and do not carry out any activities harmful to the environment. This service is a pre-requisite for obtaining an economic license.


Enter RAK Government website , sign in with UAE PASS and select New Environmental License Service


Fill in the required fields, attach documents and submit the application


Enter the inbox and press the Pay button to pay the application fee electronically (100 AED)


Receive a phone call to coordinate an inspection visit to the establishment


Receive a notification via text messages or e-mail about the status of the application and if an environmental study is requested


In the case an environmental study is requested, please apply to “Review an Environmental Study” service and re-send the application attached with the final approval letter of the environmental study.


Receive a notification via text message and e-mail that the application has been approved


Pay the permit fee via the website


Collect the environmental permit through the website


  • This license is only applicable in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Activity can only be performed within the approved premises
  • Only activities listed on the license are permitted

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Emirates ID
  • Trade License :  Industrial license or business name booking certificate from Department of Economic Development or RAK Economic Zones (RAKEZ)
  • Other Documents :  Land map from RAK Municipality or RAK Economic Zones (RAKEZ)
  • Other Documents :  DED Inspection Form (in case of establishment outside RAKEZ areas)
  • Other Documents :  Environmental Impact Statement Form (Attached)

Review Industrial Activities Fees (Attached)


Environmental License
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