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This service enables companies to obtain a free sale certificate (that the product is sold in the country and is safe for use as a consumer product and that the factory producing it is supervised by the Public Health Department of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality)


Log in to the Ras Al Khaimah government website, log in using the digital identity, then choose the "Issue a free sale certificate" service, and make sure that all conditions and documents are met before the application process.


Fill in the data, choose products from the list of products registered in the system, enter product data that includes quantities, weights and validity dates, attach the required supporting documents, and submit the application


Pay the due fees through the website, the smart application, or the automated payment machines available at the Customer Happiness Centers in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.


Wait until a notification of the completion of the transaction arrives via SMS to the registered number. The request can also be followed up through the website through My cases


Receive the health certificate for export via the registered email or upload it through the website - My cases

Required Documents
  • Certificates of Origin : 

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