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A certificate issued by the chamber of commerce in the country of origin to define the place of manufacturing and production of the goods to be exported. It is a necessary electronic document to identify the nationality of goods for export fees imposed on them and preferential transactions that goods shall undergo.


registration on website ( for the first time only ) Login to the online system, Selecting the service type: issuing certificate of origin for companies, then the required fields and uploading attachments then Submitting of the application


Follow up on the status of the application for the certificate of origin


Paying the due fees.


Receipt of documents and certificate of origin

Service terms

The company must have a valid membership at RAK Chamber


The validity of the certificate of origin 6 months from the date of issue

Required Documents
  • Membership certificate :  Membership certificate
  • Emirates ID :  UAE ID card of the applicant
  • commercial invoice :  An invoice printed on the company's letterhead, signed and stamped. The contact numbers in Ras Al Khaimah are mentioned and include the following information: • The tradename of the local exporter, identical to the name in the membership certificate • The importer's name. • The name of the receiving country with the recipient's address with no abbreviations. • Details and type of goods (field with full Description of the type of goods without any abbreviations). • The specifications of the goods (the number of parcels sent, the type and details of the goods), indicating the unit of goods, the total number and the unit price. The details of the goods shall be handled according to their type and the unit of measurement. The unit shall be measured in liquid (ml) and shall be in fabrics (in meters). • The invoice number and date. • Origin of re-exported goods. • Harmonized System (HS-Code), and the tariff code to be used when mentioning the type of goods. • The weight of the goods, the value of the invoice, and the type of currency. • Shipping method (by land - by sea - by air). • Total quantity (numbers and letters). • Seal of the company/ Foundation with the signature (must be a signatory or having a power of attorney) • No more than fifteen countries of origin may be mentioned in the field of the origin of the goods in the commercial invoice. • currency
  • Other Documents :  The Chamber may request additional documents if necessary
  • Other Documents :  In the case of goods in transit (temporary entry of goods), please attach a copy of the transit statement of the goods issued by the Customs Authority of the UAE

Request for electronic registration

Service time

7 minutes


الرسوم موضحة في الرابط التالي


Issuance of the certificate of origin
Certificates of origin services
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