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Allocating industrial and commercial lands for citizens to establish industrial and commercial enterprises in accordance with the conditions and controls.


Submit a registration form


Interviewing and evaluating the project owner profile, including experiences, skills and creativity, the ability to take responsibility in establishing the project, and complying with membership terms and conditions.


Attending the personal interview with the RAK SME supreme committee.


Sending the application to the relevant authorities for approval and allocating the industrial and commercial plots

Service terms

The applicant must be registered in the membership of Saud Establishment

Required Documents
  • Passport Copy :  1. New project: • A copy of the passport.
  • Other Documents :  • A copy of Family Book
  • Emirates ID :  A copy of ID card
  • Other Documents :  A copy of the project's economic feasibility study prepared by one of the specialized and licensed firms in the country, the stages of the project implementation and the necessary period for that, and project proposed engineering layout.
  • Other Documents :  The educational qualifications and scientific experience of the applicant and his partners (if any)
  • Other Documents :  The applicant’s personal account statement. (Financial Capability)
  • Other Documents :  Property certificate from the Land Department
  • Other Documents :  A certificate from the Environment Agency that the project has no environmental damage or negative environmental impacts.
  • Trade License :  2. An existing project (in addition to the new project documents) • A copy of the commercial license.
  • Other Documents :  A copy of the audited balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Other Documents :  Project bank statement for three months.
  • Other Documents :  The documents of the partners + the partnership contract (in Applicable).

Commercial and industrial plots membership registration form

Service time

Work days


Industrial & commercial plots membership fees is AED3000 annually for 3 years

Small and medium-sized enterprises support
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