ServiceCard Portlet

Electronic Service enables to attach wavier in penal cases from one of the parties in the case or their representatives according to the followed procedures or  conditions


Login as a registered user on, or smart application (mrak)


Enter all the required fields and attach all the required documents that could support your application, such as the Emirates ID and other required documents.


Pay the required fees online or in smart application or by Electronic payment device (MBME)


Receive notification via text messages of approval or rejection

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  - In case of parties: Original Emirates ID + Attested wavier copy In cases of parties or attorney: Original Emirates ID
  • Copy of the power of attorney :  In case of attorney: Copy from The power of attorney
  • Other Documents :  In cases of parties or attorney: attested wavier copy
  • Trade License :  In case of attorney: copy from the trade license in case of waiving on behalf of the Trade license owner

Application fee 20 AED


ALQASIMI Street ( alkornesh ) Ras Al Khaimah
Phone Number
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