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Entrepreneur membership qualifies a member to take advantage of the benefits of exemption from commercial license fees and exemptions from bank guarantees and other subsidiary services. With a nominal fee of 1,000 AED, fees for membership, paid annually for a period of 3 years from the date of incorporation


Submit a registration request


Interviewing and evaluating the project owner, verifying personal and creative experiences and skills, his ability to keep up with developments in the local and global markets, the ability to take responsibility for establishing the project, and adherence to the organization's rules and regulations


The approval of the institution director on affiliation


Obtaining membership and exemption letter

Service terms

The applicant must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates


This service is only granted for three years

Required Documents
  • Passport Copy :  A copy of the passport
  • Other Documents :  A copy of the registration summary
  • Emirates ID :  Emirates ID card
  • Other Documents :  The economic feasibility study of the project
  • Other Documents :  A Lease contract
  • Other Documents :  Check certificate for the number of licenses
  • Other Documents :  Certificate of experience and academic qualifications
  • Other Documents :  Initial approval of the project from the authorities competent to license the project.

Registration Form

Service time

10 minutes


AED1000 per year


Small and medium-sized enterprises support
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