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This application allows to obtain a building permit for the proposed project or wall (wall, metal wall, retaining wall) on an empty land according to the plans submitted to the Buildings Administration (architectural and construction plans).


The application is opened through the advisory office on the Ras Al Khaimah government portal website with attaching the initial documents or the Customer Happiness Center in some cases.


Initial fees and insurances are paid


Drawing are uploaded by the consulting office


The application is forwarded to the architect, construction and communications engineer for checking the request in parallel


A notice is sent to the consulting office of the approval of the architectural, construction, and communication plans for the purpose of completing the attachment of the final documents to approve the license


The application is referred to the chief engineer for final approval


Pay the final fees, insurance and attach final documents


Both the supervising consultant and the contractor are appointed by the consulting office


The license is issued electronically

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Approval of the Ministry of Education, Education and Higher Education for projects related to schools, universities and institutes
  • Other Documents :  Ministry of Health approval for hospitals and clinics
  • Other Documents :  Approval of the Tourism Authority for hotels and tourist resorts
  • Other Documents :  Approval of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments for mosque projects and their annexes
  • Other Documents :  Approval of the Environmental Protection Agency in the event of approval to establish a factory in agricultural plots or to establish a project near a specific area as a nature reserve
  • Other Documents :  Approval of the Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Other Documents :  Soil examination in non-residential projects only
  • Other Documents :  Disclosure of the account memo in cases that require it
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Land map (valid for grant slips) + proof of ownership document (if any)
  • Other Documents :  Certificate of Free of Services - NOC (Federal Electricity and Water Authority, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Department of Public Works and Services (Sewerage) and Ras Al Khaimah Gas)

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