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the purpose of this service is to renew the business license at the Department of Economic Development aiming at continuing the investor’s commercial activity. It depends on checking the requirements if they are met by the customer for the renewal, such as the lease contract and the required approvals, as well as making sure of any additional conditions added during the period before this renewal.


1- Access Ras Al Khaimah Government website


2- Select the ( Renew License) service from the Trade License services list on the homepage.


3- Attach the required documents based on the activity and the legal form


4- Pay fees.

Service terms

  1. Not to practice any activity in any site without a license or a permit.
  2. Not to change the license site and move to another one without obtaining the approval of the Department of Economic Development (RAK DED).
  3. The trade name on the sign must match the name in the license.
  4. Not to conduct sales, promotions or special offers without prior permits.
  5. Not to make any amendment or change to the license data except after referring to RAK DED.
  6. Adhere to set prices on commodities and goods with production and expiry dates.
  7. Consumers have the right to obtain the original purchase invoices.
  8. Communicating the sales policy to the consumer through suitable and comprehensive advertising way (e.g. policies of returning, replacing or repairing goods).
  9. Not to promote, sell or display any counterfeit or fraudulent goods.
  10. Ensure that the trademark is registered in the Ministry of Economy to protect it.
  11. In case of any counterfeit product / goods in local markets, notify RAK DED at the toll-free number 8007333.
  12. Not to print or distribute any flyers without a permit.
  13. Not to operate activities after 12 a.m. until after obtaining the necessary permit from RAK DED - Permits Section.
  14. In the event that there is a warehouse or store belonging to the facility, a permit must be obtained from RAK DED - Permits Section.
  15. Establishments must adhere to the UAE specifications and standards of commodities issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).
  16. In the event that the license is not renewed, the prescribed licensing fees are collected annually for the entire period of delay. The fees are calculated at the value determined at the time of renewal in addition to a fine of (AED 10) or each month of delay.


  • The validity period of a license is from one to three years, based on the expiry date of the license.
  • The Civil Defense Certificate valid for 30 days
  • Partnership contract or service agent contract valid 6-month 
  • External approvals are valid for 30 days

Required Documents
  • Lease Agreement : 
  • Police Clearance Certificate : 

License form Knowing the real investor form Al Ghad License and virtual trader

Service time

7 minutes


Fees vary depending on the legal form, rental value, and number of economic activities

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