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This service allows the customer to reserve a trade name to identify the establishment's name and distinguish it from other establishments. The trade name must be compatible with the nature of the economic activity and its legal form as an institution or a company. Thus, the customer receives a trade name certificate that allows the soliciting of the required approvals from departments and local and federal authorities.


Access Ras Al Khaimah Government website and select the Reserve Trade Name service from the list of services


Fill in the required information to reserve the desired trade name


Click on ‘Verify’ to ensure the trade name availability in the system


Wait until a notification is received with approval of the application


Pay the associated fees to reserve the trade name


Receive trade name certificate

Service terms

  1. The customer must have an account registered in the UAE PASS
  2. The applicant must be one of the concerned parties.
  3. In the event that the trade name is a “proper name”, the company name must match the name of one of the partners (first name, second name, and last name) with reference to a word and partners

  4. In the event that the legal form is “simple partnership company” and “joint liability company”, the type of trade name must be a “proper name” and it must match the name of the general partner (first name, second name, and last name), and it is permissible in both cases for the company to have its own trade name.

  5. The partners bear all responsibilities in the event of an objection to the reserved trade name


1. The validity period of the trade name certificate is two months, subject to renewal

2. Obtaining the trade name certificate does not authorize the concerned person to engage in economic activity

3. Obtaining the trade name certificate does not authorize the concerned person to conduct banking transactions.

4. The billboard must not be installed except after the license is finally issued.

Required Documents
  • No required Documents : 
Service time

Two minutes


AED 200 for the Arabic name AED 2000 for the foreign name AED 2000 for city or country name AED 1000 for Arabic connotation


Trade Name
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