ServiceCard Portlet

Application to perform construction work at night.


The request is created through the consulting office via the website or from the customer service center at the department with the required documents attached


Fees are paid via the website / website / customer service center / MRAK smart app


Exit on the site and attach the report and photos of the site


The application is referred to the chief engineer for final approval


The exit of the transaction is issued (night work permit)

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Night work permit application, specifying the required period for the permit and working hours
  • Other Documents :  A project schedule represent the tasks to be accomplished during the night shift
  • Other Documents :  A proposed plaan for preparing the site for night work, indicating the lighting location, project facilities and crane locations, if any.
  • Other Documents :  An undertaking from the contractor to take responsibility for the security and safety of people, equipment and property, and to stop work in the event of a complaint
  • Other Documents :  Provide the data of the supervising engineer on the project during the night work period, while providing data for the replacement engineer in the absence of the supervising engineer.

site inspection= 100AED Final fee = 300 AED


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