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The service allows approval to change the assigned supervision consultant on the issued building permit  to another supervising consultant


The request is created by the Consultant using RAK gov. portal ( ) ,attached the required documents and pay the required fees


the inspector will visit the site and upload the site report


The request is referred to the HOS to review the site report and the attached documents to get the final decision


Final fees are paid via the electronic dirham / website / MRAK smart application / automatic payment machine


The building permits willl be regenrated and assigning the new supvision consultant

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  NOC from previous consultant
  • Other Documents :  New supervision contracts signed and sealed
  • Other Documents :  NOC of services in the event that 6 months have been passed since the issuance of the building permit (the land is empty).
  • Other Documents :  Demarcation that 6 months have passed since the issuance of the license and construction work has not started (the land is empty).
  • Other Documents :  Valid site plan in case the constuction work doesnt start at the site

Fee: Building Administration - Inspection fees = 100 dirhams Change Supervision Consultant fee = AED 100


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