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The service allows obtaining a demolition permit for buildings within the plot limits


Submit the application by the consultant on RAK Government Portal and attach all required documents and pay the initial fees or via the customer happiness center


Set the site inspection date after paying the inspection fees and prepare the inspection report.


Check and review the documents and the inspection report by the concerned engineer and approve the request.


Pay the Final fees


The permit is issued electronically


  • the permit is limited to the buildings within the plot limits
  • The permit is valid for 3 months from the issuance date

Required Documents
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Affection Plan + Ownership document (if any)
  • Building permit :  Previous building permits
  • Emirates ID :  A copy of the Owner's ID
  • Trade License :  A copy of the Contractor's Trade License
  • Other Documents :  Building Waste Permission from the Public Works & Services Department.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) :  No objection letter from Etihad W&E, Etisalat and RAKWA (for partial demolition).
  • Approval of other government :  Clearance certificate from Etihad W&E and No Objection from Etisalat and RAKWA (for full demolition).
  • commercial invoice :  If the demolition work will be carried out by the Public Works & Services Department, the demolition fees receipt to be attached and no need for the documents mentioned in points 4 & 5

Submission Fee: AED 100 all building types Inspection Fee: AED 100 all building types Final Fees: • AED 150: villa + Service block + investment villa • AED 200: Commercial + Multi Story building • AED 300: Industrial + Public building • AED 400: Agricultural building Deposit: AED 500 all building types Governmental building: no fees, no deposit


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