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This service allows getting a building permit for the modification of an existing or under construction building, add new building on an occupied plot or/and add boundary wall (normal boundary wall, metal fence, retuning wall).

This service is applicable for all building types  including: Private Villas, Investment Villas, Service Blocks, Multi Story Buildings, Story Buildings, Public Buildings (Governmental), Industrial Buildings, Agricultural Buildings to insure that the documents and drawings are compatible with the Building Regulations before starting the construction work.


The request is submitted by the consultant and the required documents are uploaded to the Ras Al Khaimah government portal website and the initial fees are paid


drawing are uploaded by the consulting office


Inspect the site and prepare the inspection report after paying the inspection fee.


Parallel review by the Architect, Structural & services engineers (Etisalat & RAKWA).


Notify the consult about the drawings approval to complete uploading the final documents required for permit issuance.


HOS Engineer review / approval.


Pay the final fees and deposits and upload the final documents to issue the Building Permit.


Assign the supervision consultant and main contractor by the main consultant in case adding new building by other buisness partners.


Issue the building permit electronically.


  1.  All the existing buildings should be permitted.
  2.  the previous building permit should be valied.

Required Documents
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Affection Plan + ownership document (if any)
  • Building permit :  Previous building permits
  • Emirates ID :  Copy of Emirates ID (the landlord or grant beneficiary
  • Official Letter :  A letter of assignment from the owner to the consultant in case of addition
  • Other Documents :  Previous approved drawing if not available on SAP system.
  • Other Documents :  Inspection report if more than 3 months passed from the date of the pervious building permit
  • Other Documents :  Site services clearance certificates from Etihad W & E and Etisalat when extend the plot or merge it with other plots (NOC. for empty plots before merge).
  • Other Documents :  For Sheikh Zayed Housing Program grant plot, the following must be attached: • Letter from sheikh Zayed program • Foreclosure contract (in the case of a loan) • If the financial funding is “grant” and the building to be built on an owned land, a statement from the Town Planning and Survey Administration is requested to confirm that the owner has not been granted from SZHP.
  • Other Documents :  The Planning requirements from the Town Planning and Survey Department (for Residential, commercial and residential /commercial plots) in case of addition new building
  • Other Documents :  A letter from the concerned authority, if the project related to the federal and local authorities, e.g: • Ministry of Education and Higher Education for projects related to schools, universities and institute • Ministry of Health for hospitals and clinics • Tourism Authority for Hotels and Tourist Visits • Environmental Protection Authority in the case of adding close to nature reserve
  • Other Documents :  Soil test report (available on for Industrial plots).
  • Other Documents :  Structure calculation if required
  • Other Documents :  In case of adding new building: • Permit for disposal of construction waste from the Public Works and Services Department • Approved Civil defense drawing for non-residential projects (if the area is more than 140 square meters) • Electricity and water drawing (if the area is more than 65 square meters)

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