ServiceCard Portlet

This service allows the extension of the permit period during its validity period


Access Ras Al Khaimah Government website and select the Extend Economic Permit service from the services list


Fill in all the required information to extend the permit


Receive a notification with approval of the application and pay the associated fees


Receive the extended permit


The permit is considered canceled if the permit period expires, and the permit can be extended before the permit expires

The time period between two sales permits is two months

The time period between two specials permits is one week

There is no time period between the sales and the special offers, as the customer can issue the special offers permit immediately after the sale permits expire

In the event that the customer cancels the sales permit or the special offers, he can obtain the other permit on the same day, provided that it is a different permit; for example if a customer cancels the special offers, the sales permit can be obtained as long as two months are completed in advance and vice versa (if customer cancels sales permit, a special offers permit can be obtained the same day)

Required Documents
  • No required Documents : 

Depends on Permit (See the attachments)


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