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Canceling the Trade license 


Access Ras Al Khaimah Government website then select the ( Cancel License ) service


Fill in all required information.


Receive a notification with approval of the application to pay the associated fees


Receive a notification that the application has reached the advertising stage


Complete the period required for advertising and receive the canceled license from the Ras Al Khaimah Business Platform


  • Entering the announcement stage and waiting for the approved period of time according to the legal form to receive the final cancellation request.
  • The necessity to review the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to completely cancel the establishment file to avoid any financial penalties as a result of non-cancellation

Required Documents
  • Clearance Certificate- FEWA :  Clearance Certificate- FEWA
  • Official Letter :  Cancellation certificate institution by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

Depends on cancellation date: Cancellation of a valid license of 100 dirhams Cancellation of an expired license, 100 dirhams, which did not expire more than 90 days • Canceling a license that has expired for more than 90 days, 300 dirhams, in addition to delay fines Cancellation of an expired license exceeding 3 years 300 dirhams Taking in consideration that there are fees for other entities according to the type of activity and legal form.


Trade Licenses
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