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Opening the service for govermental entities, Private entities & Societal entities of public benefit to request for various events in the protected heritage sites that  under the Department of Antiquities and Museums


Waiting for a call from a member of the corporate communication office to determine the type of service required and then coordinating to provide it according to the specificity of each sub-service


submit the approved official request in person or via email to the Institutional communication office in the main department to the official email / or to the customer happiness unit in the National Museum.


Limited time: the service is provided according to the days required of the requesting entiteis, as it is required to be available and not previously reserved from other parties.

Limited beneficiaries: the service is provided to all government and private entities and societal entities of public benefit.

Limited channels: the service is provided by sending the official service request to the e-mail of the institutional communication office or by submitting the approved service request to the institutional communication office or the Customer Happiness Unit at the National Museum.

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Official request for an event at a heritage site
  • Other Documents :  Event proposal (description of event program time schedule)

Official request for an event at a heritage site.


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