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Issuing a certificate to acknowledging the status of the land if it is located in or outside archaeological sites


Submit the required documents which related to an individual land an entity, and fill out the official application and submit it to the Director General’s office. Or the official request with the documents is sent to the email of the General Manager’s office


Wait until the completion of the internal work procedures of preparing land status reports and issuing a certificate to whom it may concern


pay the fees from the fee from individuals 100 dirhams ore receive the appropriate response to the authorities

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  ID card
  • Official Letter :  Official Letter
  • Polt of land :  Detailed land scheme
  • Land Ownership :  Land Ownership
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Sketch
  • Other Documents :  Proof of kinship

one hundred AED

Archaeological permit services
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