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Issuing approvals for aircraft dismantling and recycling


Submitting the request to issue a certificate of non-objection receiving a


notice of the status of the application receiving


Receiving a notice of payment of fees in case of approval


notice of payment of the fees in case of approval to receive the notice of the company's impresality and take the necessary approvals

Required Documents
  • Trade License :  A copy of the license of the Department of Economic Development. A copy of the company's license issued by the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Authority (FANR) to carry out the organized activities of nuclear and radioactive materials.
  • Official Letter :  An official letter from the company stating the specifications of the aircraft to be dismantled and recycled. A letter of no objection from Ras Al Khaimah Airport - a letter of no objection from the Authority for Environmental Protection and Development in Ras Al Khaimah - a list of existing pieces - the method of dismantling and recycling aircraft - a letter of acceptance from the ultimate beneficiary of the aircraft parts.
  • Other Documents :  Provision of a certificate of de-acquisition of an aircraft from the competent authority
  • Other Documents :  No objection certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority for foreign aircraft

·         RAK DCA aircraft dismantling and recycling form


Aircraft dismantling & recycling (5000 , 7500, 10000 AED) depending on the weight of the aircraft


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