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This service aims to enable the customer to issue a mountain activities license


Fill out the form according to the required activity with the customer's signature attached with all the required documents by personal presence or e-mail TLQA@RAKTDA.COM


Waiting until notification of approval of the request has been received along with the payment order


Pay the fees by bank transfer or personal presence at the Customer Happiness Center


Receive the license by registered e-mail or in person to receive the original copy


1- Do not practice a business activates without license or permit.
2- Do not change the license or relocate to another site without getting RAK TDA’s approval
3- Make sure that the trade name which is printed on the signboard and the name mentioned in the license are identical.
4- Do not carry out special offers without permission.
5- Do not amend or change in the license information unless you obtain RAK TDA’s approval.
6- The client has the right to receive the invoice.
7- Announce the sale and purchase policy (Replacement, modification and recovery policy)
8- Make sure of registering your trade mark at the ministry of Economy to protect your rights.
9- It is not allowed to print or distribute any type of advertisement paper flyer without a prior permission.
10- Working after the allowed hours is subject to obtaining a prior permit from the Tourism Licensing & Quality Assurance Department.

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Initial approval - Issued from RAKTDA
  • Tenancy Contract :  Emirates ID
  • Security Approval :  Passport copy
  • Other Documents :  Tenancy contract or ownership
  • Other Documents :  The Security approval is issued from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Link for the service:
  • Other Documents :  Trade name certificate
  • Other Documents :  Risk assessment plan
  • Other Documents :  Insurance Policy

Organizing Mountain Trips and Adventures AED 5,000 Organizing Mountain Sports AED 5,000

Street# 11, RAKTDA Office, Al Marjan Island - Ras al Khaimah
Phone Number
07 233 8998
Tourist License Issuance
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