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Through this service, you can make an amendment to Modify the Representativeness (Addition / withdrawal / assignment of a partner )

*The information mentioned in this card is general information and the procedures, fees or steps for providing the service may differ according to the different type of modifications desired*


Fill in all the required information to amend the license


Receive a notification with approval of the application to pay the associated fees


Receive a notification that the application has reached the advertising stage ( in case of Representativeness replacement )


Complete the period required for advertising and receive the amended license from the Ras Al Khaimah Business Platform


Access Ras Al Khaimah Government website and select the (Amend License ) service from the Trade License services list on the homepage.


In case of modification to the representative qualities, the customer is only allowed to modify the activities, trade name and location

Required Documents
  • Concerned Authorities Approvals :  Approvals from other entities according to the type of activity
  • Security Approval :  Providing security approvals for partners in case of addition
  • Other Documents : 

Depend on the type of amends (See the attachments)


Trade Licenses
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