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This service provides executing marriage contract between a man and legally permissible woman provided that a medical report, issued by official authority in UAE, submitted to enter into the contract shall be submitted. Subject to the terms of marriage between local women and holders of UAE passports, the marriage of local women to non-locals, conditions of some Emirates and conditions of some countries for their locals marriage, whoever having legal capacity of marriage including Muslim locals and expats is entitled to approach for the service if one of contract parties residing in Ras Al Khaimah. Legal capacity of marriage is satisfied if parties thereof are adults with sound minds knowing that the age of puberty is 18 years old if a person did not reach legal puberty age beforee that.


(1) Type the application in typing offices.


(2) Review the application.


(3) Pay the fees.


(4) Parties sign the application, conditions and dowery.


(5) Appear before the judge to sign the contract.


Adults non completing eighteen years old may only get married after obtaining a permission from judge after verification of the interest assumed. whoever completes the age of 18 and non completes 21 must obtain a permission from the conservator or guardian or the court if the two latters refused the same.

Required Documents
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Form to apply the service


AED 200


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