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The extraction of permit to throw the building waste after the completion the project in PSD dumps .


Submit Waste Transfer ( Construction and Demolition C&D waste Removal Permit) service


Pay the service fee


Receive SMS from the Public Service Department with the transaction request number


Implementation of the service by receive the Construction and Demolition C&D waste Removal Permit and completed the request


Receive SMS from the Public Service Department that the transaction has been completed

Service terms

Requests are not accepted without all the documents required to provide the service:

  • Emirates ID Card for the plot owner.
  • Emirates ID Card for the Commerical Liecene owner.
  • Project Contract.
  • Land ownership document.
  • Commerical Liecene.
  • The commerical liecence must be valid.


The permit is valid for the period specified in the project contract.

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Identification of the individual and providing of personal information to get government service. ( For land owner + commercial license owner )
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Document that proof of ownership the of the land or plot.
  • Trade License :  Documents issued to the owners of companies or establishments engaged in commercial activities issuing from Department of Economic Development.
  • Other Documents :  The project contract includes the main data from the contract parties, the plot number, the area, the value and duration of the project, and the signature of the concerned parties.
Service time

one work day


The fee is 100 Dhs in the case of the residential project. The fee is 1000 Dhs in the case of a commercial project. There are insurance fees, depending on the contract value, and it range from 1,000 to 100,000



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