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This service offer the customer obtaining a Power of Attorney attested from others' Power of Attorney to act in their place on all actions they desire to accomplish


Typing the Power of Attorney in Typing Center or submitting the application electronically.


Following up status of the application whereas documents thereof shall be examined


Appearance of Principal before Notary Public having original ID and a copy of Attorney's ID. POA shall be legally reviewed and be read before Principal.


Pay Fees .


Receiving the document of electronic notarized power of attorney.

Service terms

One party from parties stated in the document shall personally or by a legal representative under a certified Power of Attoreny or any other certified legal document appear before Notary Public and parties of the contract shall have legal capacity and validity to contract. Documents substantiated for certification shall be official. However the documents issued from outside the UAE must be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country, the Embassy of UAE in the relevant country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE; legally translated to Arabic language by a certified legal translator and certified by Ministry of Justice or Notary Public.


The age of parties of the contract must be above 21 calendar years. If they are less than that, a proof of (Trade Permission) issued by the court stating the legal capacity of service applicants must be submitted.

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Request from the typing office
  • Emirates ID :  Original identity cards or any document issued by an official authority within the UAE
  • Other Documents :  Original documents proving the capacity of the person present (for example: in his personal capacity, owner, partner, or manager) and his authority to sign or his legal representative (wills / guardianship / agency / guardianship)

Form of application to certify an acknowledgment

Service time

15 Minutes


Unlimited Contract costs AED 75/- for signature while Limited Contract of AED (1 - 10,000) costs AED 50/- for signature and limited contract of AED (10,001 - 50,000) costs AED 100/- for signature


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