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This service aims to exempt returned Goods of national origin that were previously exported from the customs taxes (duties), provided that the returned goods are the same goods previously exported under export declarations that prove the origin, specifications and distinctive elements of such goods.



Enter importer code and other required fields and submit the form. You can support your request by uploading attachments like images and documents. In case if you don’t have any importer code system will redirect you to request for the issuance of importer code.


Submit the form and you will receive SMS / mail confirmation about the Request with Reference number or you can visit to “My Request” for tracking your request.


Collect the requested documents electronically or by coming to the department in some cases.

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Copy of the Export, Re-export or Temporary exportation declaration together with the attachments
  • commercial invoice :  Invoice for the value of addition caused to the goods\means of transport
  • Other Documents :  Copy of the registration (Mulkiya) in the member state issued from the competent authority for the means of transport

Customs exemption
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