ServiceCard Portlet

This service allows customers to challenge the appeal judgment


Submit the lawsuit through the typing offices or the website


Verification of the application and the attached documents by the competent judge


Payment of the fees


The case is registered automatically once the fees are paid, and the customer can receive a hard copy through the service center

Service terms

Advocates / Individuals / Banks / Companies . Registration shall be on smartpass, filling subscription application in e-services and providing required documents


Service is limited to Plaintiff or Defendant or their representative by legal document

Required Documents
  • Other Documents :  Lawsuit pleading
  • Emirates ID :  A Copy of the Appellant's Identity
  • Copy of the power of attorney :  A Copy of the General Power of Attorney / Original or True Copy of the Special Power of Attorney (mandatory)
  • List of Exhibits :  Documents Portfolio
  • Other Documents :  A Copy of the first instance Judgment
  • Other Documents :  A Copy of the Appeal Judgment
Service time



Addendum No. 1

Extra services

Registration of Civil Cassation Lawsuit Registration of Personal Status Cassation Lawsuit Registration of Commercial Cassation Lawsuit Registration of Labor Cassation Lawsuit


Judicial services
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