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This service allows buildings and homes to be connected to the sewage networks in the connected areas of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.


Submit of request by providing the required documents


Fees payment


Receive SMS from the Public Service Department with the transaction request number


Transfer the transaction to the concerned department and write the cost report Where the customer can inquire about the status of the request through call centre and electronic channels.


Pay the cost of the service

Service terms

  1. Requests are not accepted without all the documents required to provide the service.
  2. Fill out the data in the sewage network connection request form with the owner signing the request.


This service is limited to areas connected to the sewage network in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah..

Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Identification of the individual and providing of personal information to get government service
  • Land Document (Sketch) :  Ownership document of the land or property subject to the availability of 9-digit number for the plot
  • Official Letter :  Official letter from government and private sectors to access the government services

 Sewage network connection request form.

Service time

Within 30 working Days After Payment


100 Dhs as fees, then the cost estimated by agency report


Waste Water Agency Services
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