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To coordinate the process of cutting and tirming the trees and weeds to individuals and government entities and private companies, and improve facilities in the Emirate, the protection of vegetation and to improve landscape view, and to ensure the achievement of plans and strategic objectives annual.



Transfer the transaction to the concerned department and write the cost report Where the customer can inquire about the status of the request through call centre and electronic channels.


Pay the cost of the service


Implementation of the service from the concerned department and completed the request


The cost is valid for one month from its date, and in case  the period is exceeded, the application will be closed.


Required Documents
  • Emirates ID :  Identification of the individual and providing of personal information to get government service
  • Land Ownership :  The ownership document of the land or the property of the applicant
  • Building permit :  A document issued by the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah indicating the type and contents of the building
  • Other Documents : 
  • Official Letter :  Official letter from government and private sectors to access the government services

Application fees which is 50 Dhs for individuals and government agencies. 500 Dhs for private entities


Land Scape Agency Services
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