GovtServices Portlet
  • Issue New Auction Permit

    The service aims to issue permits to commercial establishments from Ras Al Khaimah wishing to offer bids on their products, and the public auction process is carried out through licensed auction offices.

    Issue Economic Permit Permits
  • Reserve Trade Name

    This service allows the customer to reserve a trade name to identify the establishment's name and distinguish it from other establishments. The trade name must be compatible with the nature of the economic activity and its legal form as an institution or a company. Thus, the customer receives a trade name certificate that allows the soliciting of the required approvals from departments and local and federal authorities.

    Trade Name
  • Extend Trade Name Reservation

    This service allows the customer to extend the duration of the trade name reservation for a period of up to 180 days

    Trade Name
  • Amend Trade Name

    This service allows the customer to amend the reserved trade name

    Trade Name
  • Cancel Trade Name

    This service allows cancellation of the trade name that was reserved during its validity

    Trade Name
  • Issue New Economic License

    Issuing a license to undertake commercial activities in Ras Al Khaimah, by providing all licensing requirements

    New Trade Licenses
  • Cancel Trade License / Clearance

    Canceling the Trade license 

    Trade Licenses
  • File Consumer Protection Complaint

    It is a service through which consumers complain to shops with the aim of regulating the relationship between consumers and traders, protecting and resolving consumer rights and taking the necessary actions


    Monitoring and Customer Care Services
  • File Trademark / Trade Name Complaint

    This service allows the owner of a registered trademark, pursuant to the law, to submit a complaint against any person who forges or mimics the trademark, in a manner that misleads the public - insofar as the goods or services - for which the original trademark stands.

    Monitoring and Customer Care Services
  • Authorization Issue Request

    This service enables the customer to authorize companies, institutions or transactions clearing offices to conduct any commercial transactions.

    Types of Authorization:

    1.Court authorization.

    2.Court authorization for the purpose of liquidating a company.

    3.Delegating a special representative within the company's sponsorship.

    4.Authorizing a representative to clear transactions.

    5.Authorization of an heirs agent

    6.Personal authorization