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  • Request Certificate to Whom it May Concern

    Through this service, you can request  To Whom It May Concern certificate stating information about whether or not you own economic licenses and the status of the economic licenses, if any, for the purpose of applying them to the concerned authorities.

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  • Request to Raise Objection Against License

    These services allow to submit an objection request on one of the following procedures:

    • Cancellation of the trade license
    • Administrative cancellation of the trade license
    • Change the trade name of the license
    • Change the legal form of the license
    • Assignment of License (Change of License Owners)
    • Change the partnership ratios
    • Capital change
    • Commercial license mortgage
    • Amendment of the mortgage of the trade license

    The objection request is submitted by the applicant when the procedure is in the announcement period, where the applicant explains the reasons for the objection and submits the necessary documents.

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  • Request to Remove Objection Against License

    This service allows the customer to submit a request to cancel the objection, with an explanation of the supporting reasons during the objection period

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  • Request to Unblock License

    This service allows the customer to unblock the license if  it is committed to completion and decisions


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