GovtServices Portlet
  • New Building Permit

    This service is used to get the building permit for the proposed project or the boundary wall (boundary wall, metal fence, retaining wall) on vacant plot as per the drawings submitted to the Building Administration .
    This service is applicable for all building types
    including: Private Villas, Investment Villas, Service Blocks, Multi Story Buildings, Story Buildings, Public Buildings (Governmental), Industrial Buildings, Agricultural Buildings to insure that the documents and drawings are compatible to the Building Regulations before starting the construction work

    Building Services
  • Reserve Trade Name

    This service allows the customer to reserve a trade name to identify the establishment's name and distinguish it from other establishments. The trade name must be compatible with the nature of the economic activity and its legal form as an institution or a company. Thus, the customer receives a trade name certificate that allows the soliciting of the required approvals by local and federal departments and authorities.

    Trade Name Services
  • Register a Cassation Lawsuit

    This service allows customers to challenge the appeal judgment

    Judicial services
  • Application to attest Power of Attorney

    This service offer the customer obtaining a Power of Attorney attested from others' Power of Attorney to act in their place on all actions they desire to accomplish

    Notary services
  • Cancel/change bail

    An electronic service that enables the customer to request to cancel or change bail in a lawsuit

    Bail Services
  • Request to connect sewage network

    This service allows buildings and homes to be connected to the sewage networks in the connected areas of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

    Waste Water Agency Services
  • Access Road

    Implement temporary roads to entrances to residential plots and buildings for individuals, government and privateentities.


    Works Agency Services
  • Waste Transfer

    The extraction of permit to throw the building waste after the completion the project in PSD dumps .

    Waste Management Agency Services
  • Clean Private Area

    This service  is to  cleaning plots and home  sites of customers  and  building of government and private entities

    Waste Management Agency Services
  • Request for new Container

    The service allows the Customers  to receive waste container that owned to Public Service Departement to remove waste in Residential areas.

    Waste Management Agency Services